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Friday, 18 May 2012

Kami menggunakan penterjemah google

tak sia sia aku selongkar blog pha is . aku jumpak lah menda alah Omegle nih dalam entry lama beliau .
aku pun try lah main .
first try dapat perempuan Taiwan . baik . siap bagi nasihat kena hati hati kalau nak main omegle nih .
lepas tu dapat laki Tunisia . free free kena marah ngan aku sebab isu rantai .
dah dah , yang tu rahsia . 
pastu dapat pulak laki UK yang erghhhh malas nak cerita . 
percubaan terakhir , boleh buat aku senyum sampai ke telinga .
aku ajar Peter ngan Alice  yang dari USA cakap melayu . bangga setaman aku .
abaikan english yang aku pakai , layan ...

You: are u a student too ?
Stranger: yeah, we both are. one of us is graduating.
Stranger: on sunday
You: ohh congrats !!
Stranger: she says thank you very much!
You: which university ?
Stranger: university of wisconsin-madison.
You: welcome :)
You: in usa ?
Stranger: yep!
You: in what course ?
Stranger: we're both international studies majors. she's interested and has a job in finance after college and i'm double majored with political science, so i'll still be here for a few terms.
You: oh i see
You: both of u come from usa ?
You: or somewhere else ?
Stranger: yeah, both from usa.
You: can i know your name ??
You: both of u
Stranger: peter and alice.
You: ooo
You: i'm lina :)
Stranger: nice to meet you lina!
You: can i know why are u here ?
Stranger: we're bored at work.
You: get bored ?
Stranger: haha exactly.
You: but just now u said that u are still studying
Stranger: oh yeah, we have part-time student jobs in one of the libraries on campus.
You: ohh i see
You: find for extra pocket money right
Stranger: haha right!
Stranger: beer money!
Stranger: have you ever been to the usa?
You: ouhh
You: i;m a muslim
You: so i dont drink beer :)
You: i wish someday i can go there :)
Stranger: gotcha. you're not missing much!
Stranger: it's a nice place to visit. there's too much to do though.
You: yes i know
You: can u tell me what is so interesting about usa ?
Stranger: the diversity. the people here come from every corner of the world, and the landscape is vastly different in each region of the US. the northwest is woodsy, southwest is dry and has deserts, south is warm, midwest is full of plains and farmland, southeast is tropic, and northeast is populous
You: too much to say huh ?
You: wowwww
You: i wanna go there too !
Stranger: we have a lot of dentists... you could be one here!
You: i hope so :)
You: if my government can support me :'(       <----- pastu buat muka sedih 
Stranger: do you have brothers or sisters?
You: which particular area did both of u stay ?
Stranger: we're in the midwest.
You: no , i dont have one
You: i'm the oldest
You: :)
Stranger: so what's malaysia like?
You: we have 3 races . malay , cina , india
You: we live in harmony         <------- ????
Stranger: yeah, harmony's important in eastern cultures. unfortunately the west hasn't embraced it.
You: yes, i'm so proud of it
You: i wish someday your government can embrace it    <---- tetibaa pulak kan
You: what about democratic there ?
Stranger: that'd be the day. our government is too caught up being the world police force that it doesn't know whether to be the peace keeper or the peace maker... though in both situations it sees military actions as the first course of action.
Stranger: what are your impressions of the united states?
Stranger: specifically our government... are we too intrusive on other countries? do you think we're doing more harm than good in the world?
You: i dont know how to say this              <------ terkedu aku taktau nak jawab apa . pastu terpikir sesuatu
You: is israel is part of your country ?        <----- soalan mengong . memalukan malaysia betui aku ni !
Stranger: haha no. not at all.                      <------ kfoinee . dia gelak kat aku -..-
You: hurm..
You: personally , i dont like politics           <----- langkah keselamatan sebab taktau nak jawab apa
Stranger: that makes three of us
Stranger: it's messy.
You: yeah !               <------- lega gila bila dia setuju dengan aku 
You: seriously i dont like
Stranger: i don't like it that much either, which makes my choice in political science as a second major questionable
You: at what age u can vote for your country ?
Stranger: 18.
You: i mean to vote the president ?
You: owhh
Stranger: 18 for all elections. but people don't exercise it. we have something like the 130th best voter participation out of all of the democratic countries.
You: ouhh
You: do they have something 'negative' during election season ?
You: sorry for my broken english
Stranger: hah it's okay.
You: i'm still learning
Stranger: everybody is!
Stranger: some people just don't care for politics, so they just choose not to vote. they figure that no matter who we elect, they're going to be fine.
You: hahaha
You: i ever think like that in old days       <----- ayat keling aku
You: but now , i realise that sometimes one vote can change everything !      <----- ni pun keling jugak
You: am i right ?
You: but rare
You: *rare cases
Stranger: oh yeah, you're spot on.
You: if you dont understand what i'm saying . u can just tell me
Stranger: your english is great!
Stranger: we've understood everything.
You: thank you !!          <----- padahal dia nak amik hati . aku je over ._.
You: i'm still learning
You: you too :)
Stranger: hah it's easier when you've grown up with it, obviously.
You: absolutely right ! nowadays most everything need me to speak in english   <---- macam tipu ja -..-
You: well , international language
Stranger: yeah. are there times in malaysia when you need to speak in english?
You: we do have
You: there are particular schools that ask us to speak in english in particular day
You: and there are some areas that we need to speak in english
You: for example at my old school
Stranger: oh gotcha.
You: we have speaking zone
You: u know how to speak malay ?
You: hurm , i bet u dont know right ?
Stranger: correct. we both know french though. alice knows more french than i do, but i'm studying it now.
Stranger: not that french has anything to do with malay...
You: i can teach u some easy words    <--- tetibaa rasa nak ajar mat saleh ni cakap melayu
Stranger: like what?
You: if u wanna know..
Stranger: sure!        <-------- nampak tak dia excited ?
You: okay
You: i;m so excited as you wanna learn my language    <-------- aku lagi lah !
You: eat = makan
Stranger: makan.
You: sleep = tidur
You: yes , makan
You: talk = cakap
You: or you want to request some words ?
Stranger: makan, tidur, cakap... nice!
Stranger: what is please and thank you?
You: please = tolong
You: thank you = terima kasih
Stranger: cool!
Stranger: we're both trying our best to pronounce them but we have no idea if we're right.
You: for example, terima kasih Alice :)
You: hahahaha
Stranger: terima kasih lina!             <------ kembang setaman dia dah reti sebut . err okaylah, type act
You: something else you want to know ?
Stranger: apa yang anda buat sekarang?     <----- tiba tiba dia cakap melayu
You: eh , how do you know to speak malay ?
Stranger: kami menggunakan penterjemah google.kita sebenarnya tidak tahu bagaimana untuk bercakap bahasa melayu.        <------- nampak tak effort dia pegi google bagai . bangga aku -..-
You: i think i know what do you type
You: we use a google translate. we do not know how to speak malay
You: am i right ?
Stranger: yeah, you're right
You: hahahahaha
Stranger: oh but malay
You: you are so cool!        <------ perkataan paling banyak aku sebut
You: seriously
Stranger: haha yeah, that was exactly right but we said malay instead of english. the translator may not be perfect
You: yes , there is some words that the google cant tell us correctly
You: but then , it;s so cool as i can see your effort   <----- sebut lagi
You: i;m so glad
Stranger: haha yeah, we're trying!
Stranger: even if we have no idea if what we're saying is right.
You: at least there is some effort
You: next
You: love = cinta
Stranger: is the c a soft c or hard c?
You: i = saya
Stranger: like, s or k?
Stranger: or ch?
You: no , i think soft c
Stranger: like sin-ta?
You: oh , this one nor s neither k
You: it is c
You: no . it is cin-ta
Stranger: yeah, but how would you say it?
You: owh , if i could say it directly to you !
You: let me think first
You: wait         <------ cepat cepat gi tanya orang lain
Stranger: okay
You: haa okay
You: you know chin ?        <----- soalan mengong lagi aku tanya
You: that one under our mouth ?            <----- siap explain bagai
Stranger: yeah, of course           <----- nahh amik kau sekali dia bidas !
You: okay
Stranger: say it like that?
You: thats how we pronounce cin-ta
Stranger: nice!
You: yes , chin-ta
Stranger: perfectly described
You: i love you = saya cinta awak :)
You: try to pronounce it together
Stranger: i think we got it!
Stranger: can we teach you anything about english?
You: okay sure
You: i'm glad that you want to teach me
Stranger: no problem!
You: but i dont know what to ask         <---- cuba hampa bagi cara macam mana aku nak tanya ??
You: how about french instead of english ?
Stranger: anything!
Stranger: i think we can handle that
You: what is i love you ?        <----- benda ni jugak aku nak tanya . gatai !!
Stranger: je t'aime
You: je t'aime
You: we prononce aim or ai-me ?
Stranger: je = i, te = you, aime = love... it would be "je te aime", but you conjugate it to t'aime because of "aime" staring with a vowel
Stranger: you would actually pronounce it "em"
You: owhh
You: cool       <-------- dan lagi -,-
You: so i can pronounce it je - ti - em
You: right ?
Stranger: close. just je - t - em
Stranger: or je - tem"
Stranger: "je - tem"
Stranger: sorry,
You: owhh
You: je - tem
Stranger: exactly
You: did we change T become D ?
You: i mean the pronounciation
Stranger: not in this case
Stranger: there may be some cases where you do
You: ohh . haa what about au vior ?
You: what's the meaning ?
Stranger: please = s'il vous plaît
Stranger: thank you = merci
Stranger: you mean au revoir? that's "until i see you again"
Stranger: but the pronunciation is slurred... so it sounds like "au voir"
You: ohh
You: its kinda hard
Stranger: yeah, it's a hard language to learn. there are about 30 forms of the same verb in french, and you have to learn each one for conversations... and on top of that, making a sentence isn't just about reading the words because with most of the words in french, you don't pronounce the last syllable, and you slur the words together.
You: so , u are one of them that trying to learn this hard thingy
Stranger: haha exactly. i want to study abroad in paris next year.
You: all the best friend !
Stranger: merci beaucoup!
Stranger: (thank you much)
You: what is welcome in french ?
Stranger: as in "you're welcome"?
Stranger: "de rien"
You: DE RIEN PETER AND ALICE !      <------- sukati ja campor french + english 
Stranger: haha "and" = "et"                     <------- kfoinee dia gelak lagi kat aku
You: opss
Stranger: merci beaucoup lina!
You: de rien peter et alice !
Stranger: parfait!!
You: heyy , dont your boss know that you're not working ?
Stranger: ah we don't do anything. we work in one of the libraries on campus and it's exam week, so we don't really have to talk to anyone.
You: so , you can just sit and the money flying to your face ?
You: wahhh !
Stranger: OUI!
Stranger: (yes)
You: what is parfait and OUI ?
Stranger: parfait = perfect, oui = yes
You: is that in french ?
You: or your sleng?        <------- sleng tu bukan bahasa melayu ka ?
Stranger: french
You: what are you doing right know ?
You: apa kamu tengah buat sekarang ?
Stranger: kita menamatkan kerja, kemudian pergi makan tengah hari     <--- dia pakai google translate lagi 
You: ouhh
You: is there still afternoon ?
You: now at my country is 12 : 42 AM !
Stranger: oui. 11:20 AM.
You: ohh , what is c'est moi ?       <----- teringat blog fasya
Stranger: c'est moi means "it's me"
You: ohh i see
You: in malay is 'ini saya'
Stranger: cool!
You: have you ever been to malaysia ?
Stranger: never have.
You: why not u come here some day. malaysia is a nice country to visit :)
Stranger: oh i've heard! i heard it's gorgeous there.
Stranger: believe me, i'd love to visit... it's just awfully expensive to travel a lot!
You: aha , travel means money . well , students . we don't have a stable income yet .
Stranger: true, true. just trying to make the best of it though!
Stranger: hey lina, it was lovely chatting with you. we have to go though. terima kasih! <--- BANGGA AKU!

dah dah . stop gelakkan aku . aku sedar english aku macam @#$%^&* . muet aku pun band # .
tapi enn ...

at least aku try . kau adaa ??


Bidadari Besi said...

Terkekek baca ebrty ni. Hiihi. Naj jugak Alice dengan Peter tu belajar bahasa melayu kan?

Bidadari Besi said...


Awan Nina said...

tu la pasal . bangga dapat ajar diorang :)

pha is said...

hahahahaha.. setail...!!!

shafiq said...

hahaha , cool ! ,

Awan Nina said...

hubungan dua hala...
sorry ah selongkar entry lama. haha

Awan Nina said...

cool tak cool , english terabur hahaha

pha is said...

apesal nk sory2 pulak... hahaha.. lagipon, tgh bangga nih.. hahaha
thnaks, sbb sudi selongkar entry lama2...

pha is said...


Awan Nina said...

tudia aihh...
kat blog sendiri pun bangga, kat sini pun nak bangga lagi . hahahaha.
tadi tu bukan delete komen , tapi ingatkan tak masuk. tu yang komen skali lagi dgn tak menggunakan perkataan "HANG" .
no hal . memang suka baca blog orang pun .

Bidadari Besi said...

bila lah nak pandai bahasa inggeris macam akak ni T.T

Awan Nina said...

luls , akak yang mana nih ?

Fariz Reza [FR] said...

SEO tu FR masih mengkaji lagi sebenarnya..... tapi ape yang boleh FR cakap salah satu darinya seperti mesra carian di enjin carian google dan sebagainya...


pemilihan tajuk yang tepat...saya pergi ke pantai )(contoh tajuk yang mesra SEO)
sy pi pantai (tak mesra SEO) begitulah sala satu contohnya...

Phạm Minh Tâm said...

( Thank blog for you great - )

Mishter Izwän said...

giler cool english dyer . tebaikkkkk~

1st time here . feel free to visit speechless009

Awan Nina said...

tau takpa .
sampai terkedu kita nih nak menjawab .

Awan Nina said...


Awan Nina said...

thanks for the info FR :D

Mr. Doctor said...

baca sampai habis wooh.. nice conversation la.. sampai politik smua masuk.. pewiit2..

Awan Nina said...

kira lucky jugak la dapat Alice ngan Peter nih .
kebetulan .
dah orang nak sembang , kita layan jelah . walaupun tak berapa nak reti speaking . hoho :D